Physical activeness is very crucial to health, especially in today’s world where almost all of the day-to-day tasks can be settled on computers without having to move an inch. Based on this, the design of the environment should be more ‘walking-friendly’ or walkable, to minimise physical inactiveness and thus the health risks associated with it, such as cardio-metabolic and other muscular diseases. 

Living in more walkable environments, people tend to be more active than those who live in a less walkable environment. Walking is a soft and active mode strictly related to sustainable mobility as it reduces traffic congestion and pollution and has positive impacts on health. 

Smart Pedestrian Net is a project focused on improving walkability in cities. SPN intends to provide a model to help European cities to promote and enhance walkability as one of the essential dimensions of smart, sustainable and inclusive development.

The project is funded under JPI Urban Europe, ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures Call.